Find your way home

Find your way home

The compass has been a true to form symbol for globetrotters for as long as the uncovering of our world. While this figure of direction is ideal for travelers, adventurers, and free spirits, there is much more to the compass, than meets the eye.

Since ancient times and still, in its premature nature, the compass has provided a sense of comfort, safety, and protection. No matter where you might find yourself, you can always rely on the needle to guide you in the right direction. Whether it be sailing across deep seas, hiking through mountains, or exploring the road less traveled. Just like the Southern Cross, it’s an acknowledged hieroglyph of guidance, always familiar with the way home.

At Tameka, “home” is not defined as a place made of brick and mortar, but a space where one's heart resides - a place of comfort that frees the mind. This ideal is significantly bestowed at the heart of Tameka’s Namibian Compass necklace. By combining personal adornment with symbolism, the “return to home", embossed in a special pendant, leads your memories back to a place that forms a home for the mind and soul, Namibia. This jewellery piece suits all, whether male or female, bold or reserved.

The design is unique and tactile, with the Namibian borders preciously engraved, it symbolises home to us all – because once you enter these borders, there’s really no returning elsewhere, north, south, east and west.

As you can see, the compass, like Namibia is a truly beautiful and historic symbol, holding so plentiful meaning and significance for various reasons. It is easy to understand the reason for the compass becoming celebrated by travel and jewellery lovers alike.

Wear it, value it, take it on your global adventures and never forget the place where you once lost your heart, and where it will live forever. Because we, children of nature, must return to it continually, leaving only the scent of our souls along the way.

Never forget home.

Written by: Marelene Orffer

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