How Kat-Active came to life

How Kat-Active came to life

After selling her restaurant of six years, Canadian-immigrant Alexandra Limmer-Henn started spending more time in the gym, soon discovering her passion for powerlifting. And so, in 2018, she won the title of Namibia’s strongest woman. Her husband, Jacobus Henn, also encompassed in the fitness industry, starting out as an amateur bodybuilder in 2015 and competing in various fitness orientated competitions until 2019.


The seed that grew KAT-Active Apparel, was planted by this husband-and-wife duo (with a clear passion for the fitness industry), who recognised a niche for locally produced, affordable and comfortable fitness wear in Namibia. Soon they began searching country-wide for companies that could provide premium materials and fabric at an affordable price. ‘We then bought two industrial sewing machines, and the rest is history’, says Alexandra - who taught herself how to sew, ensuring that all stitching is done perfectly. Hence, the KAT-Active brand was officially born in 2019 - bringing unique and comfortable fitness attire to life.


Nearly two years later, Alexandra remains the driving force behind KAT-Active, both when it comes to the creative aspect as well as the production process. She is constantly looking for new ideas and new styles, creating, planning and assembling all of the individual pieces. Their ranges include crop tops, tights, shorts, winter tops and sports bra's, with swimwear during summer as well as a street-to-lounge range for the winter.


Beyond their signature garments and prints, KAT-Active also offers the creation of custom designs, patterns and prints for Namibian companies - like gyms, dance schools, CrossFit clubs and more.


KAT Active is procured under the ideology of eliminating over-accessorized branding and focused fundamentally on allowing the quality of the product speak for itself. But the authenticity associated with KAT-Active is endless, not only does the packaging of products ensure environmental sustainability, but KAT-Active ambassadors are all proudly Namibian women. The company also often uses clients in their promotional campaigns. One and all can wear their apparel. Not only models.


In collaboration with The Narrative Namibia, this new collection of active-wear, designed by KAT-Active Apparel, unifies two brands that are authentically Namibian and so, we are very excited to welcome them to our online store

Written by: Sonia Noirfalise

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