Our Nation in Celebration

Our Nation in Celebration

As dawn arises, the people of Namibia are awakened by the dancing light beaming through the branches of Mopane trees. The song of a Love-bird and Pap cooking on the Aga stove, enriches the ambience as Namibia chants a good morning.

The 21st of March is close at hand, which means that Namibians are getting ready for their Independence Day and -Weekend celebrations, in full glory to the bravery of those whose blood waters our freedom. Independence Day is a national holiday that marks the anniversary of our country's autarky from South-Africa.

Holding high the banner of liberty, The Narrative is bringing the jamboree to your doorstep. From the hub of independence celebrations itself, the collections of memorabilia and people of Etosha Safari Camp, nurtured the inspiration behind the products on sale this month.

In a recent interview, the employees of the hour and models of this campaign, spoke about their passions amid the Shebeen walls and pride in being independent Namibian citizens. One cannot pass up the prospect of being inspired by the tales of these Namibian children - reminding us of the treasures, that is our country.


Brought up in the endearing village, Onuumba of our country without horizons, she developed a nature that strives towards alacrity, a talent of patience, and the convention of elevating her surroundings. This year, we’re celebrating Etosha Safari Collection Manager, Agnes Iipumbu’s, 16th sun at Gondwana.

She strives to invest in the great opportunity of making guests and tourists apprised of what Namibia has to offer (ambassador, a 1000%, I’d say). Not only does she find pride and delight in the diversity of the country, but she believes that Independence created freedom for the folk to express themselves and currently, is used to improve, learn, and experience a better manner of living.

By the daily association with a large spectrum of personalities, she finds a first-hand feel for navigating the values of her future. And so, at night, Agnes Iipumbu goes to bed with a dream and wakes up with a purpose in the morning. An ever-flowing stream into the leadership owned by the proud daughter of Namib.



Along the Northern borders of Namibia, a boy grew up among the villagers of Ombiui. Playing soccer with friends and family, he always dreamed of making far-away dreams come true.

With the belief that you can be prosperous at any age, it’s evident that Simson is esteemed in the process of his story. His passion for sharing ideas and stans in self-development, preaches of the leadership he voices as Assistant Lodge Manager at Etosha Safari Camp. As an IUM honors graduate, he yet envisions and strives for the memoir of an entrepreneur, recalling the great lesson he uncovered years ago; “If you don’t get it done, no one else will get it done for you.”

But for now, proud Namibian Simson, loves meeting and introducing people from all over the world to his diverse land of freedom.



Once upon a time, in a beautiful village that goes by the Moniker of Okankolo, the soft soul of Laimi was born. Here her uncle raised her to value tradition, diversity, and the beautiful landscapes of someplace she calls, “the peaceful land of the brave” - Namibia. As she cultivated the fields, pounded Mohangu, and cooked with her family, she soon became aware that good things result from hard work, but that it will always seem impossible, until it’s done.

Evident in her smile, one can only believe that her passion for people was found amid the stones and trees of her haven in the Oshakato region. She finds joy in the happy faces and success of the ones around her, be it her family back home or guests from across the globe.

With an Honours degree in Tourism and Hospitality, glowing communication deftness, and a contagious giggle, Laimi continues to light up her status as Guest Relations Officer at Gondwana's Etosha Safari Camp.



In the Northern reaches of Namibia, a younger, Matthew was raised by his grandmother, in a family of 15 children. Herding cattle and tilling the fields by the lands of his home-village, he was oblivious of his Gondwana days to come.

Today, away from the wee village of Okaku-kalungala, a proud bartender flourishes at Etosha Safari Camp. He finds treasure in today's diversity and freedom of Namibians. Handed the key of “liberty to change”, he’d like to at least start with making smiles dance upon the faces around him. With a gratifying cold drink in his hand, he plays a vital role in the success story of a charmed guest.

Matthew, a creative thinker, and team player sings a song of great value;

“It is possible to commit no mistake

that’s not a weakness

that is life

this too shall pass

live to fight another day.”

And as the sun sets upon Namibia and her kind folk crawl into bed, Zebras canter in the beloved land of savannahs and Meerkat entangle under the red earth. Namibia roars a good night.

Written by: Marlene Orffer

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