Tameka Design Jewellery

Tameka Design Jewellery


There is an incredible industrious vibe present upon entering the workshop.

Chiselling and hammering away at what seems precious materials and stones, Goldsmith Attila Giersch and his team of master crafters consisting of Eunice Mauha, Dorkas Hengari and Natasha Siebes look fiercely dangerous and yet totally in their element.

Between little heaps and sheets of aluminium, brass, copper and iron, each team member carefully sculpts a piece of jewellery from their much-accoladed design ranges. With a combined blend of organic material such as wood, leather, and semi-precious stones, these ranges are not only inspired but truly find their origin in Namibia’s fauna, flora, and her people.

A highly labour-intensive process of pattern design, cutting, soldering, and polishing off the finished product, the name TAMEKA was purposely chosen. It’s meaning, “start”, derived from the Oshiwambo language, which best explains each time a new design is invented and thus no two jewellery pieces are truly the same.

Since 2018, Tameka Design has been designing and supplying the fashion industry with jewellery that best represents Namibia on international levels.

Gondwana’s guests have long been introduced to Tameka’s designs at selected lodges. We are still to discover who inspires who when completing the interior design and brand essence of a new property, as it certainly feels that the design ranges for The Desert Grace which opened in 2018 and Etosha King Nehale, recently opened in 2020 were instinctively born to be together.

From the “Precious Cages” range that encapsulate rough semi-precious stones into brass wire, to the “Wrapped” range of smooth Kiaat wooden frames with tumbled agate stones wrapped in aluminium, copper or brass wire; it’s truly like finding undiscovered diamonds in the Namib Desert.

Complementing these feminine yet androgenous designs, TAMEKA likes to appeal to the younger clients with its economic “Safari” range; consisting of waxed leather rope with cut out brass animal shapes. This range is representative of Namibia’s conservation efforts, especially in Etosha National Park.

TAMEKA designs seamlessly blend in The Desert Grace with its rough elements and sandblasted edges, which have been sculpted in the desert over time. Our interior reflects this gentle balance of raw beauty and pure luxury for the soul.

Celebrating Namibia’s rich heritage of Oshiwambo culture, TAMEKA designed “Ondelela Tassels” to perfectly complement and translate the traditional dances of the Northern inhabitants and the swaying of their Ondelela cloth frocks. This wonderfully shows contemporary Namibia and is carefully supported by strong roots in the “Ekipa” design range. A homage to the traditional ivory button ornaments so typical for the Aawambo, carefully carved brass designs are now worn on Napa leather and wood mounted.

At Etosha King Nehale, everything is a feast for the senses and a soothing of the soul and TAMEKA incorporates all the above. TAMEKA extends their range with aluminium animal shaped Sundowner Candle lights and Napkin holders based on Dolf wood to celebrate the end of another perfect day in Africa.

TAMEKA designs are unique, contain locally sourced and sustainably mined components and are handmade from beginning to completion. We are so proud to be associated with this proudly Namibian company and cannot wait to see what our creative collaboration will bring next!

 Written by: Sonia Noirfalise


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