About Us

Who are we... We are unique. We are passionate. We are Namibian. Most importantly we are Gondwana.

Our roots stem from the Namibian Tourism Industry, where for more than twenty years the Gondwana Collection Namibia has provided unique African experiences to curious travellers from around the world. With more than 31 exceptional accommodation offerings across Namibia at key tourist destinations, as well as four privately owned and managed Nature Parks.

Our core values remain sustainability, environmental consciousness, cultural expression, and conservation of our social, wildlife and cultural heritage. These values are instilled in our most recent venture, The Narrative.

Our online store was created following countless requests from our guests and abroad who wish to create a lasting connection to their Namibian experiences. Our product range is inspired by and reflects our beautiful Namibia, her flora, fauna, and her people. We support various Namibian artisans and crafters throughout our retail stores, and they will be joining us on our journey.

The Narrative - Inspired by our Master Brand, Gondwana Collection Namibia, and her passion for telling stories. Our hope is to bring those stories and experiences to you through our store, and our proudly Namibian products. To us the art of telling stories, is as important as the content. We look forward to sharing our narratives with you. Join us as we start our journey and let your narrative unfold.

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