Chapter 3

Chapter 3

In Africa, there stood a tree that weathered the test of time,

The world said change, and so we did, embracing each climb.

In Africa, there unfolded a tale, evolving with grace,

The world said adapt, and in our stride, we found our space.

Our journey, a narrative of triumph and strife,

What unfolds in the narrative of our third-year life?


The last 37 months unfolded before us like a grand story, a narrative written in the dance of challenges and victories. Just as a toddler wobbles and stumbles before mastering the art of balance, so did our Narrative Namibia find its feet in the vast landscape of e-commerce.

As the world grappled with a new reality, our little one, born during the peculiar times of COVID-19, grew and matured with a unique blend of resilience and determination. Like any toddler, we navigated through phases of growth, sometimes with the defiant attitude of a teenager but always with the spirit to rise again.

Over the past two years, our Narrative toddler showcased moments of spirited independence, coupled with the occasional stumble that comes with experimentation and growth.


From the very beginning, we nurtured our little Narrative to stand for more than just your average online shop. It became a bridge connecting local craftsmen and their families to a global community, a testament to our commitment to supporting the heart and soul of Namibia. The journey, though challenging, was a transformative one, much like the transformation a toddler undergoes into a little person full of character.

Our clients, our extended family, embraced our vision, making us more than a transactional entity. Through their engagement, feedback, and shared experiences, we realised that our Narrative was not just a platform--it was a living, breathing entity woven into the fabric of the Gondwana family.

In these three years, we witnessed a significant shift towards Gondwana branded items, and our conservation programs, such as NamibiaCam and the Quiver Tree Adoption, resonated deeply with our growing community. Our clients became not just customers but partners in our journey, actively participating and communicating, shaping the very essence of our growing child.

As we reflect on the past three years, we acknowledge the lessons learned and the wisdom gained. The wobbly steps of our toddler years have paved the way for a more confident stride, and the occasional challenges have only strengthened our resolve.

Looking ahead, we stand at the brink of a new chapter. Inspired by the feedback and camaraderie of our clients, we embark on a journey of rebranding, envisioning a Narrative that transcends the digital realm to become a part of homes through organic home brands.

Yes, we may have begun with a touch of maverick spirit and perhaps a hint of arrogance, but in these three years, we've evolved. Our core philosophy, rooted in empathy and growth, remains unwavering. We've become smarter, more attuned to the rhythm of our clients and the pulse of our Narrative Namibia.

As we blow out the candles on our little three-year-old's cake, we do so with gratitude, knowing that the journey ahead holds the promise of more growth, more connections, and more chapters to be written in the captivating tale of The Narrative Namibia.

Written by: Annette Beyers

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