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Desert Secrets Handmade Soaps -100g

Desert Secrets Handmade Soaps -100g

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Product Description

A testimony to an old fashioned, yet tried and tested recipe from beloved Aunty Sophia, who perfected the saponification recipe of her mother, a timeless tradition embedded in the Namib Desert town of Aus spanning over 3 generations!

Measures: L7.1 x W5.2 x H2.5 cm

Carefully hand cut & packed in blocks of 100 grams, open the package, wet your hands slightly and work the soap into a rich lather before rinsing off

Why we love it

 Soap is made by carefully blending base oils with water and caustic soda at a temperature between 35 - 40 degrees celsius. Next are Namibian Olive, Marula, Tsamma oils for their scents and adding Shea butter for hardening, the soaps-to-be are enriched with crushed leaves of wild plants and a sprinkle of golden myrrh resin for texture before pouring the mixture into their wooden bed moulds where they are covered with towels for 24 - 36 hours. Once cut, they will dry on racks for a period of 3 - 6 weeks.

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