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The Narrative

Fairy Circles of the Namib Desert Book

Fairy Circles of the Namib Desert Book

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Dancing fairies? Poisonous euphorbias? "Smart" grasses? Clever termites? Who or what is causing the mysterious bare circles in the grasslands on the eastern edge of the Namib Desert? 

For the scientific community, the book is written in English and studded with references. For interested laypersons, it is comprehensibly worded, attractively designed and illustrated with almost 800 photos, graphs and tables. Breath-taking photographs invite the reader to a journey through the diversity of fairy circle landscapes in Namibia, Angola and South Africa.

ISBN: 978-99916-57-44-8

Author: Prof. Norbert Jürgens

Pages: 374

Size: A4

Why we love it

 FunFact: Prof. Norbert Jürgens from the University of Hamburg has been systematically investigating the phenomenon of fairy circles since 2008, with measuring stations in fairy-circle areas from the southwest of Angola to the northwest of South Africa - including one in Gondwana Namib Park. He is a longtime member of the Gondwana family and eagerly shares his knowledge with our guides at the Lodges!

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