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Mala Gemstone Necklace

Mala Gemstone Necklace

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Product Description

Our Mala necklaces are handstrung for beauty but have an added purpose to remind you of your intention and help you focus during meditation as practised for over 3000 years in hinduism and buddhism communities

Measures: chain L40cm & pendant is H12.3 cm

Why we love it

 FunFact: Did you know that the mala contains a minimum of 108 beads to helps you count your mantra and manifest your goals? The number 108 has many different meanings for many people but mostly points to the 108 worldly desires that stand in a persons' way of achieving nirvana

The center bead is called the Guru and represents the start and finish of the mantra, but is also used for energy healing practices of your chakras according to the gemstone of your choice

The tassel represents the lotus flower which is the symbol of higher consciousness

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